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What Is The Radiant Tube Heating Effect?

Jun 14, 2017

  What is the radiant tube heating effect?

  Radiant heating tube is the electric heating element enclosed in the protective sleeve inside the heat, by the casing indirectly to the heat radiation to the lining and the workpiece is processed, widely used in heat treatment industry in a variety of heating furnace. Radiant heating tube used in the electric alloy material should have a high resistivity, high thermal conversion rate. As the radiant tube placed in the casing, the heat transfer process and the general open-type electric components, the thermal shielding, heating process must control the temperature of the components to prevent over-temperature components. When the radiant tube is closed and heated, the surface temperature of the heating element is about 100 ° C to 150 ° C higher than the furnace temperature. So in the selection of materials to analyze the furnace temperature, the furnace temperature atmosphere, choose the right heating material

  (1) made of casing tube, the tube for the combustion tube, the outer tube for the radiant tube, intake, exhaust are in the same end of the radiation tube, the other end of the seal, that is, in the radiation tube is not a head Burning pipe. After the fuel is burned in the combustion tube, the flame flows back from the end of the combustion tube into the interlayer of the combustion tube and the radiant tube, returning to the fuel spray tip and then discharging. This is done in order to extend the combustion distance, so that the combustion is complete, so that the flame and the inside and outside the tube for full heat exchange.

  (2) in the radiant tube in front of the casing between the installation of heat exchanger, the use of combustion products preheated air, can be preheated to 600C.

  (3) inhalation of part of the combustion products through the nozzle, participate in recycling, make full use of heat, and make the temperature along the length of the radiation tube uniform.

  (4) Radiation tube horizontally supported between the two furnace walls, installation and replacement more convenient, and save material.