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What Is The Production Process Of The Furnace Roll?

Jul 24, 2017

  What is the production process of the furnace roll?

  The use of the furnace roll is very extensive, for example, in the petrochemical, metallurgical, food and other industries are widely used. So we all know, the furnace is generally used in the environment are high temperature of an environment, so for high temperature and wear resistance requirements are high. So the furnace roll generally need to have heat, wear, high temperature and other excellent performance. So what are the rolling production processes?

  The main production process is: centrifugal casting, precision casting, sand casting two production lines, the main application of the equipment are large diameter centrifuge, small diameter centrifuge, IF furnace, shot blasting machine, resin sand casting production line, precision lost wax casting Production line, deep hole boring machine, size specifications lathe, milling machine, drilling machine, welding machine, driving and so on.

  Heat-resistant steel furnace roll is our application of more and very welcome a kind of furnace roll, the material of the furnace from the literally we can see it the main features, that is heat, in fact, is very high temperature Strong. We all know that the furnace roll is generally in the high temperature of the boiler or other high temperature environment, so the high temperature of this performance is necessary. Then the heat-resistant steel is a better choice.