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Using Electric Radiant Tube Needs To Pay Attention To What Issues?

Nov 12, 2016

1, the components can work on the conditions under which: investee 95%,  air humidity is less than a non-explosive and corrosive gases. B  working voltage should be less than 1.1 times the value of investee casing shall be effectively earthed. Dielectric strength of insulation resistance ≥ c  1M: 2KV/1min.

2, heating pipe fixed positioning, effective heat need to be fully immersed liquid or solid in the investee is strictly prohibited to burn. Find the tube surface scale or soot investee should be cleared in a timely manner and then the investee lest the light heat and short service life.
3, fusible metal or solid nitrate and alkali, heated bitumen, paraffin and other investee investee should be reduced when using voltage for medium melting investee could rise to its rated voltage.
4, heating the air components they should cross evenly arrange the investee components have good cooling conditions of investee through air is fully heated.