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The Radiant Tube Is A Pipe Extending Straight From The Center In All Directions

Aug 07, 2017

  The radiant tube is a pipe extending straight from the center in all directions. Refers to the non-central pipeline (or trunk), its role is to dry the material transported to the development or non-development of the address. Radiation tube furnace using the most advanced intelligent one-button control, combustion and insulation technology to ensure the best thermal efficiency and the lowest natural gas consumption. Produced by the production, radiant tube performance fully meet or even beyond the performance of some imported gas stove, while in terms of safety and reliability to consider, so that customers no worries.

  Radiation tube has a wide range of uses, radiant tube often used in the following occasions:

  (1) Heat treatment with protective atmosphere. The same time as

  (2) require a fairly uniform temperature distribution in the furnace and the temperature of the heating and cooling can be given to any given furnace.

  (3) the material and the combustion gas separated from the heating, and the number of ventilation and more favorable for radiation heating occasions. The same time as

  (4) for the heating of the liquid and as a heat source for the salt furnace. The same time as

  (5) require low operating costs, high efficiency and low noise occasions. The same time as

  (6) In the case where the number of burners is small, for example, radiant tube a roll furnace, a small push-type furnace, and the like.