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The Practice And Advantages Of Two Conventional Ways To Achieve Centrifugal Casting

Jun 26, 2017

In industrial production, centrifugal casting is usually achieved by the volumetric method and the weighing method. These two kinds of precautions are different from the operation process, and the advantages are different. Which one is better in the end? Also need to further analysis before we know.

The so-called volumetric method is to use short flow trough to pour out the corresponding size of the casting, and for the casting fluid volume is quantitative. In order to improve the accuracy of precision, in the centrifugal casting will be designed before the corresponding ladle, its design is based on casting weight. Volumetric method for centrifugal casting when used in this ladle is very important, but also quantitative and accurate, good reproducibility and so on.

The weighing method is the first need to cast the metal to be weighed, and then one-time into and get the ideal casting. This process requires the use of weighing equipment, in order to obtain accurate results. Although the two methods are different, but the castings are also relatively high quality, so what can be selected