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The Performance Of The Furnace Roller

Oct 30, 2017

The Furnace roller is a large diameter furnace bottom roll used in the continuous annealing processing line. It is widely used in annealing treatment of carbon nanotubes, oil well pipes and stainless steel pipes. Then we all know that the general use of the furnace roller environment temperature is relatively high, need to have a certain performance, then the furnace roller in the end how performance? Can you operate at such a high temperature?

1. The quality of the bottom roll of the annealing furnace of silicon steel is one of the main factors affecting the working rate and quality of the goods, the traditional graphite carbon sleeve and the ceramic coating roll show the surface oxidation, the roller nodulation, the loose and the falling off, which affect the normal production.

2. Quartz Ceramic Hollow roller with high strength, high temperature resistance, small thermal expansion, good chemical stability, high temperature function stability, no deformation, surface lubrication and fine, good wear resistance and so on, is the traditional graphite carbon sleeve and ceramic coating roller aspiration instead of goods. Can be useful for the treatment of oxidation and nodulation doubt, to prevent frequent change of work, progress in efficiency, and significantly improve the quality of steel strip.

3. Long-term use is not easy to wear, is the carbon sleeve of 3-5 times, and the use of the old roller through the original processing can be reused, greatly extend the use of stature, reduce the cost of production.

4. The use of temperature up to 1100 ℃, especially suitable for high trademark silicon steel successive annealing furnace.

Factors that hinder the development of industrial equipment such as furnace rollers

Furnace roller, bottom roller, roll bar, guide roller, etc. are in metallurgy, electricity, mining, heat treatment and other industries have an important role, with the development of industry, the demand for these equipment has increased, but the development of the industry is not very obvious. Here are the factors that hinder the development of industrial equipment such as rollers.

Production costs account for a very important factor. In the development of enterprises, labor costs and mechanical processing costs are the main cost, some manufacturers in order to reduce costs, procurement of processing equipment is relatively backward, resulting in the production of product quality is not high. And now that the cost of labor is increasing, it is also a big expense for enterprises. Therefore, we must improve production technology, use advanced equipment, improve production efficiency, reduce labor costs.

Environmental pollution is an important factor hindering industrial production, and now more attention to pollution control, enterprises must increase investment, take relevant measures to reduce the pollution of industrial processing, pollutant emissions must meet national standards. In addition, enterprise management is also very important, a good enterprise must have a professional management system, in order to facilitate the development of enterprises.