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Sinking Roller Scratched What Impact

Jun 26, 2017

Sinking roll scratches are one of the surface defects of the product when the hot galvanized coil is produced. It not only directly affects the appearance of the hot galvanized product, but also affects the performance of the hot galvanized product. It also makes the hot galvanized product The corrosion resistance is reduced, so that the product in the use or transport, the first occurred in the scratch corrosion, loss of hot galvanized products should have the characteristics. In addition there are sunken roller scratched hot galvanized sheet can not be used as a color coated plate production substrate, in short, sinking roll scratches for our hot galvanizing production enterprises is a great harm. Therefore, we must clearly understand the mechanism of sinking roller scratches, so as to take the most effective measures to prevent and control the sunken roller scratch defects.

      So what is the sink roll scratch? How did it produce Sinking roll scratches between the strip and the sunken roller in the mutual movement, the speed of the two inconsistent, the relative sliding occurred, the strip surface was sunken roller surface abrasion. Specifically, is the strip from the furnace furnace into the zinc pot into the hot zinc, and to go through the sink roll to the zinc pot, because the sunken roller in the zinc liquid in a special location, is not conducive to the installation of motor drive, So most of the sunk roller is a passive roller, completely by the strip surface and the sun roller surface friction between the sinking roller and strip at the same speed movement; but sometimes due to mechanical equipment, production process control, the use of sunken roll The influence of various factors causes the transmission friction between the strip and the sink roller to be insufficient, and the strip slides relative to the sink roll, thus creating a surface defect of the sinking roll of the hot dip galvanized product.