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Reasons And Control Methods Of Nodulation In Furnace Rolls

Aug 07, 2017

  Reasons and Control Methods of Nodulation in Furnace Rolls

  The bottom of the roll is mainly formed by the iron oxide skin on the lower surface of the steel sheet and the slag bonding left by a small amount of cutting steel plate. To this end, Furnace Rolls the iron oxide film roll nodulation of the main reasons, analysis of its main sources are: First, foreign iron oxide skin was brought into the furnace, the second is the steel plate produced in the furnace iron oxide tablets.

  The control measures are:

  1, control the raw material plate iron oxide skin

  Strict regulation of raw materials system, put an end to the flame cutting board residue, hanging phenomenon. In addition, the installation of raw material steel plate cleaning device, including: hit the polishing roller, the lower surface of the iron brush, into the furnace purge device.

  2, control the furnace raw iron oxide skin

  1) oxidation atmosphere control

  In order to reduce the secondary iron oxide skin production, Furnace Rolls the use of micro-oxidizing atmosphere heating process system.

  2) heating furnace temperature reasonable adjustment

  In order to prevent the oxidation of the lower surface of the steel plate further intensified, take the furnace temperature slightly lower than the furnace temperature control method, reasonable adjustment of the normalizing temperature range, so that the steel plate up and down the surface temperature control at 10 ℃.

  3) reduce the furnace humidity

  Excessive furnace humidity is also easy to cause increased oxidation, while the metal is easier to stick with the furnace roll. By installing the drain valve in the lower air manifold, Furnace Rolls drain regularly to effectively reduce the humidity of the furnace.

  3, production operations adjustment

  Furnace roll nodulation conditions, steel plate weight and hardness of the important reasons for the roll. To this end, the production of the first thick specifications after the thin specifications, the first high hardness after the low hardness of steel, the first fire board after the production of fire board order.

  4, clear the method

  Using the production gap between the high temperature furnace and the regular cooling furnace combination of the way to clear the rolling tumor. Through reasonable arrangements for the production plan, Furnace Rolls take effective measures to control the furnace roll nodulation problem.