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Radiant Tube Is Mainly Used In Heat Treatment Furnace

Oct 30, 2017

Radiant Tube is mainly used in heat treatment furnace, for workpiece production and processing has a great role, to avoid the furnace gas to the electric element erosion, avoid the fuel combustion products and workpiece contact, so as to avoid damage to the workpiece, heat through the Radiant Tube to the workpiece. The heating and assembling method of the radiant tube is explained below.

Electric Radiant tube is the electric heating element is enclosed in the protective sleeve, when heated, the heat is radiated indirectly by the casing to the lining and heated workpiece. Radiant Tube Heating for the protection of atmosphere and corrosive atmosphere of the stove, such as continuous furnace, drum furnace, well type furnace and so on. The resistance wire to the axis of twists and turns, the single resistance wire curved into U-shaped, and then in series or parallel with each other electric radiant tube is called the twisted-type resistance wire Radiant Tube. This kind of assembly way Radiant Tube, because the resistance wire's shielding effect reduces, in the tube high surface load, also can ensure the long time service life.

Radiant Tube is used in heat treatment, so it must have good performance, high temperature, corrosion resistance, otherwise it will affect industrial production and processing. Radiant Tube to pay attention to maintenance, prolong service life, which is also very helpful for the development of enterprises.

Radiant Tube is an important equipment in the industrial furnace, the application is very extensive, for example, in the galvanizing unit continuous annealing furnace heating process is necessary for its role, must ensure good performance, once the leakage will give the unit production operation to bring greater consequences, or even affect the normal production.

Heating and reducing section of reheating continuous annealing furnace for steel strip in furnace is generally the combustion heating radiant tube in the radiant tube, through heat radiation plus tropical steel and radiant tube heating furnace wall reheat radiation plus tropical steel, so that the steel lattice structure changes, to eliminate the stress in the strip, so that the plasticity of the strip to recover, improve strip performance, To achieve the purpose of annealing.