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Radiant Tube Is An Important Auxiliary Equipment In Heat Treatment

Oct 30, 2017

Heat treatment of the important process of production and processing, in the heat treatment process, the Radiant Tube plays an important role. Radiant Tube using advanced production technology and materials, with high temperature, corrosion-resistant characteristics, can be used for a long time, heat treatment technology, the development of industry also has an important role.

Now the heat treatment technology is very advanced, and heat treatment equipment such as Radiant Tube, bottom roller and other ancillary equipment is the test of its advanced nature. Usually heat treatment technology is very strict indicators, so these ancillary equipment also need to follow the relevant regulations and indicators required production to be able to use. Because only the level of these equipment to improve, then can guarantee the quality of production items, in a way, also save costs, improve the production of products, increase the efficiency of enterprises.

Now the improvement of production technology, as well as the continuous development and application of materials, a lot of high-temperature materials for the production of Radiant Tubes to provide conditions, improve the performance of equipment, but also pay attention to the maintenance of equipment, problems in time to repair, to avoid unnecessary losses.

Heat treatment is the production of wear-resisting steel, Hull steel, pressure vessel steel and other products important means, heat treatment furnace is an important industrial production equipment, compared with other industrial furnaces, can be accurate, timely control of temperature, to ensure the quality of heat treatment plate. The application of radiant tube in heat treatment furnace has a great advantage.

1 high production rate. The radiant tube can make the steel plate can meet the process requirement temperature in the shortest time, and improve the furnace productivity and production efficiency.

2) The product quality is good. The whole furnace is divided into 24 temperature control areas, the use of pulse-type On-off control burner, greatly improve the temperature control accuracy, so that the temperature of the plate at any point and the target temperature deviation is less than ±15℃, and ensure the length of the plate and the width of the temperature uniformity, all control within the ±10℃.

3) Low energy consumption. Reducing energy consumption is the direction of industrial development, energy saving and consumption reduction is the theme of development, the application of Radiant Tube also reduces the energy consumption to some extent.

4 The heat loss is small. The stove uses the high temperature heat exchanger complete with the radiant tube, can preheat the combustion air to 500 ℃, effectively utilizes the flue gas waste heat.

The application of Radiant Tube has promoted the production and development of industry, energy-saving and environmental protection, in line with the development trend of the society, and in the development of science and technology today, the Radiant Tube and other industrial production equipment is still research and development, combined with advanced technology, make it more accurate, safe and reliable.