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Radiant Tube In The Structure Is Very Close

Jul 11, 2017

  Radiant tube in the structure is very close, the performance is also relatively stable, in terms of time life can be said to be more often, and now many people are used because they do not pay attention to maintenance, when used is also very non-standard, So that the operation of the machine is very incorrect, has been the operation of the load, so the machine will bring a lot of negative impact, so we must be used correctly to improve its service life.

  What is the advantage of heating radiant tube and electric heating tube?

  Electric radiant tube is radiated by the radiation heat transfer tube / heat pipe can be in a variety of media heat transfer. The heating medium is air: the radiant tube is more efficient than the electric tube. The life of the radiant tube is relatively lower than the stability of the heating tube. Radiant tube heating element, with high, medium and low temperature furnace and special atmosphere furnace specifications arbitrarily selected

  Hot stove electric heating radiant tube is what?

  Hot air furnace electric heating radiant tube is the air as the heat carrier, the use of electric heating device for a variety of drying equipment and HVAC industry to provide high-temperature clean hot air, is a highly efficient energy-saving heating equipment

  What is the working principle of gas heat radiation tube?

  The radiant tube heating device is burned in the sealed casing, and the heat is transferred to the object to be heated by the heat radiating surface in the form of heat radiation. The combustion product does not come into contact with the object to be heated without causing the combustion atmosphere to be soiled or Affect the product quality, furnace atmosphere and heating temperature to facilitate control and regulation, is very suitable for high quality product requirements