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Radiant Tube High Temperature Oxidation Resistance And Good Carburizing Resistance

Sep 13, 2017

A pipe extending from the center to each direction in a straight line. Refers to the non-central pipeline (or dry tube), its role is to transport the substance of the dry tube to the established or not established address.

Radiant Heating tube is the electric heating element closed in the protective sleeve heating, by the casing indirectly heat radiation to the lining and processed workpiece, widely used in heat treatment industry in a variety of heating furnace.

The Electrothermal alloy materials used in radiant heating pipes should have high resistivity and high electric conversion rate. Because the radiant tube is placed in the casing, the heat transfer process is different from the general quickest type electrothermal element, its thermal shielding is large, the temperature of the element must be controlled during the heating process to prevent the element over-temperature. When the radiant tube is closed and heated, the surface temperature of the electrothermal element is about 100℃-150℃ than the furnace temperature. Therefore, in the selection of the temperature, furnace temperature atmosphere, select the correct heating materials.

At present, the radiant Tube heating tube series has cage, the vertical belt type and the spiral and so on, heating components are imported or domestic resistance wire, Shan (or belt), Iron chrome aluminum (wire or belt), the protection of imported high-temperature alloy plate, heat-resisting steel coil welded or centrifugal casting, with high temperature oxidation resistance and good resistance to carburization, Long service life and other characteristics.