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Performance Of Furnace Bottom Roll

Nov 12, 2016

1. quality of silicon steel continuous annealing furnace bottom roll is the job rate and surface quality of the products is one of the main factors, traditional graphite-like carbon and ceramic coated roll prone to surface oxidation, furnace roller nodulation, loose and peeling and other phenomena, affecting the normal production.

2. quartz ceramic hollow roll with high strength, high temperature resistance, low thermal expansion, good chemical stability, high temperature stable performance, no distortion, smooth surface, good wear resistance and other characteristics, is the traditional graphite-like carbon and ceramic-coated roller is the ideal product to replace. Oxidation and nodule can effectively solve problems, avoid frequent replacement of jobs, improve operational efficiency, improved surface quality of steel strip.

3. use easy to wear for a long time, are carbon life 3-5, Shenzhen, Shenzhen car shipping car shipping and use the old roll after reprocessing reusable, greatly extend the service life and reduce production costs.

4. use temperature up to 1100 ° c, particularly suitable for high grade silicon steel continuously annealing furnace.