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New Technology For Installation Of Nozzle For Bottom Roller Of Large Continuous Furnace

May 21, 2017

1, the overall situation Large continuous vertical annealing furnace production line is the core of the production process, annealing furnace length 176m, width 9.2m, height 27.4m. The number of furnace rolls installed on the furnace is as high as 273, distributed in the upper, middle and lower positions of the furnace, with large diameter ¢ 1300 mm, ¢ 1200 mm and ¢ 800 mm large rollers. In the large-scale continuous annealing furnace roll installation correction works, with a variety of furnace roll, furnace roller bottom roller assembly parts, installation of high-altitude operations, structural pipeline obstacles, more complex processes, repeat the characteristics of more The structure of the high vibration of the environment, the operation of a wide range of scattered and so on, seriously hampered the project quality and duration of the increase. And the furnace roll bottom roller installation is to take the activities of the cylindrical pin roller seat positioning method to achieve the rapid development of the roller seat without gasket to find the maximum, to maximize the furnace roller bottom roller to adjust the quality, speed up the progress of the project, Duration, increased labor productivity. The annealing furnace production line can be divided into preheating section, heating section, soaking section, slow cooling section, quick cooling section, aging section, final cooling section, quenching water tank section and dryer section according to the production process flow. In each section, There are a variety of machinery and equipment to install the pipeline, see 1450 with the total layout of the furnace shown in Figure 1. The number of rollers is as high as 280, all of which are parts and parts. Each roller consists of bearing, bearing box, expansion joint, roller seal box, furnace roll side cover and furnace roll. Roller cylindrical pin movable bearing

2, the furnace roll installed Figure 3, all the parts at the construction site for all the assembly, installation.