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Introduction Of The Electric Heating Tube

Nov 12, 2016

Electric heating tube is on its own production, design and manufacturing of standard products, arranged to the core by the u-axis, welded end-resistance wires and ceramic support frame, between the inner core and outer cannula unshielded, good heat dissipation.

Rating working temperature of 1000 degrees heating radiant tubes, resistance wire material for Cr20Ni80 or 0Cr21Al6Nb, the surface temperatures of up to 1200 degrees, used this material of Electric Radiant tube working temperature can be as high as 1000 degrees, high support frame is aluminum. Outer protection sleeve is thin-walled cold-drawn seamless steel tube, the material is 1Cr25Ni20Si2 or 0Cr25Ni20Si2, and high temperature oxidation resistance of the material is good, high-temperature creep strength, has some anti-carburization property, the radiant-tube design and selection of the safety coefficient is bigger.