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How To Clean The Radiant Tube?

Oct 24, 2017

How to clean the Radiant Tube?

1. Hot: First, the fresh chestnuts sprinkle water, and then placed in the iron plate baked hot, baked with a sack cover, not to run away the heat.

2. Peel the shell: will roast the chestnuts after the hot peeling shell peeled.

3. Boil rotten: Chestnuts washed, add water boiled rotten.

4. Rolling sauce: Will burn rotten chestnuts hot with three rollers of the mill, repeatedly rolled into a delicate chestnut sauce.

5. Rub sauce: will be rolled good chestnut sauce with hand more rub, side sideswiped with sugar syrup and cream, soft and hard to use in the operation can be used to squeeze the tube to pull thin strips. The leftover chestnut sauce is best stored in the fridge to prevent spoilage and spoilage.

What is the effect of electric heating radiant tube in hot blast stove?

Applicable to the shopping malls, mines, underground works, such as large-scale ventilation and heating DRF series Electric heating hot-air stove is a hot carrier, the use of electric heating devices for a variety of drying equipment and heating industry to provide high-temperature clean hot air, is an efficient energy-saving heating equipment.

What is the working principle of the gas heat radiant tube?

The heating device of the gas radiant tube is burned in the sealed casing, the heat is transmitted to the heated object by heat radiation, the combustion product does not contact with the heated object, does not cause the combustion atmosphere to be polluted or affects the product quality, the atmosphere in the furnace and the heating temperature are easy to control and adjust, Very suitable for the high quality of the product requirements of the occasion