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How To Choose The Right Kind Of Electric Radiant Tube

Nov 12, 2016

1, power formula: P=V2/R (p stands for power, v is for voltage, r is resistance) 

2, the arc length formula: L=n PI R/180 ° (l represents the length, point n, π representative 3.14,R RADIUS) 

3, surface load calculation formula: w = φ (diameter) x 3.14 (PI) x l (actual heating length) x w (standard load) Choosing the right heating pipe used, it is necessary to know the size of the electric power, in order to meet the heat required to heat, achieve the effect of heat. Also electric tube of bad also can through simple of experiment tell out: validation electric pipe pros and cons most intuitive of method is: first will electric tube surface wipe NET, then connected Exchange 220V power, in air in the dry burn, surface sent red Hou power, stay electric pipe completely cooling Hou, with napkin paper wipe, white Shang should no black oxidation powder (not and air in the of oxygen reaction), description for quality electric tube. Shenzhen, Shenzhen car shipping car shipping