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How Does The Radiant Tube Clean?

May 03, 2017

How does the radiant tube clean?

1. hot: first fresh chestnuts sprinkled with water, and then on the iron plate in the hot, baked with sacks covered, do not let the heat run away.

2. Peel: the baked chestnut after the hot peeled peeled.

3. boiled: chestnuts washed, add boiled water so far.

4. rolling sauce: the rotten chestnuts hot with three rollers of the mill, repeatedly rolled into fine chestnut sauce.

5. Rub the sauce: the rolling of the chestnut sauce by hand rub more rubbing side by side with sugar and cream cream, soft and hard to the operation can be used to pull out the thin tube extrusion tube so far. The remaining chestnut sauce is best placed in the refrigerator storage, to prevent deterioration, rancidity.