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How Can We Calculate The Heat Of The Radiant Tube?

Oct 12, 2017

How can we calculate the heat of the radiant tube?

You can use the regulator to change the input voltage and current to change the heat.

The calorific value is proportional to the square of the voltage and is proportional to the square of the current.

When the voltage becomes 1/2, the calorific value becomes 1/4

When the current becomes 1/2, the calorific value becomes 1/4

How to verify high quality radiant tubes

The most intuitive way to verify the advantages and disadvantages of Radiant Tube is: first wipe the surface of the radiant tube, and then turn on the AC 220V power supply, dry in the air, the surface after the red power, until the radiant tube is completely cooled, wiped with napkins, White paper should be no black oxidation powder (not with the air in the air reaction), described as high-quality Radiant Tube.

Radiant Tube products are one of the most important components of many new processing equipment in the field of metallurgy. It is a kind of pipe product which is centered on the starting point and extends in a number of ways. Although the radiant tube does not belong to the central pipe of the metallurgical furnace , But the actual role of the radiant tube is very important, it can be the central pipeline of important substances transported to other needs of the location.