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Extend The Life Of The Radiant Tube Of The Effective Measures

Aug 07, 2017

  Extend the life of the Radiant Tube of the effective measures

  Radiant Tube is an important equipment in the heat treatment annealing furnace, for mechanical processing has a very important role, if the Radiant Tube leakage or cracking and other failures will delay the production process for the manufacturers is very unfavorable, so reduce the failure, To extend the life of the Radiant Tube of the effective measures are the following.

  1, adjust the burning gas and combustion air combustion ratio, due to the atmosphere in the nitrogen atmosphere, excessive oxygen will occur a strong nitriding oxidation, so that the Radiant Tube corrosion damage, so the combustion exhaust O2% content control in less than 2% The

  2, gas pressure control valve and air pressure control valve action should be sensitive, do not lag to ensure that the combustion gas pressure and air pressure stability, and thus completely burn.

  3, exhaust exhaust fan speed smooth, reduce the combustion flame fluctuations.

  4, the combustion of the air heat exchanger can not be leaked, to avoid the air was exhaust gas blown away, affecting the gas and air mixed combustion ratio.

  5, the heat exchanger connection flange and seal can not be leaked, to avoid the outside air into the air, as far as possible to improve the temperature of combustion air.

  6, if the conditions and funding permit, you should install a large heat exchanger, the use of emissions to the plant outside the waste heat (up to 390 ℃) for the first time preheated air, air into the burner tube after the heat exchanger The second preheated air, to improve the temperature of combustion air.

  7, Radiant Tube temperature> 400 ℃ (furnace temperature), is strictly prohibited to open the lid and remove the burner and heat exchanger, to avoid high temperature Radiant Tube cold air shrinkage caused by cracks.

  8, as far as possible to arrange the same heating needs of the strip production.

  9, the production process as far as possible to maintain uniform temperature, to avoid the rapid ignition of the burner and stop the burner work to carry out the operation of the purge and cooling.

  These are the use of Radiant Tube attention points, to avoid failure or damage to the operator production. As long as the use of attention to these problems, and usually also regular maintenance, will extend the life of the Radiant Tube.