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What Is The Reason Why The Bottom Roll Is Broken, How To Solve?

Jun 11, 2017

We are talking about the parts of the continuous annealing line today - the bottom roller, the bottom roller is a key component in the production of large-scale cold-rolled sheet, it is through the use of advanced ceramic coating to improve the quality and performance of the furnace base roller is extremely development The potential of high-tech.

 At the bottom of the furnace, the zirconium-based ceramic coating furnace with excellent thermal shock resistance, high temperature wear resistance and anti-nodulation performance was developed by studying the coating material, coating structure and its preparation technology. The results show that the performance of the new furnace bottom roller meets the production requirements, and has the advantages of long life and low cost, and has great application value.

 Roller-type heat treatment furnace is the plate heat treatment production line of the standard configuration, the furnace bottom roller state directly affects the appearance and quality of the factory steel. Production of furnace bottom roll sometimes occurs roll problem.

 Broken roller mainly appears in the preheating section and heating section of the furnace. The main part of the broken roller is the shaft head, journal and roller body. Broken roller production will affect the production of thick plate, and prone to safety accidents.

 The reason is:

1) processing quality

 For the appearance of the quality and diameter size, the processing plant in the welding at the general will be turning, turning the thickness of the larger surface will lead to the edge of the workpiece and the journal non-machined surface chamfering, chamfer produced stress concentration area, when the stress When it is too large, a broken roll will occur.

2) rise and fall

 In addition, the roll body and the roll neck welding parts with the gap with the frequency, after the frequent cooling down easily roll and roll neck welding parts of the cracks, the final fracture.

Broken roller handling:

 Cancel or reduce the welding at the welding, or increase the thickness of the roll to enhance the overall strength of the joint parts; improve the roll and roll neck parts with the size of the roll and the roller neck tightly integrated. In strict accordance with the oven curve heating, shutdown furnace furnace with the furnace cooling, reducing the impact of temperature changes. In addition, the defective bottom roller should be replaced in time.