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Nov 17, 2016

Quality System: 

NPA quality control system is strictly in accordance with ISO9001. All production and process inspection can be traced to ensure the effective quality production process and provide reliable quality assurance.
NPA prepares quality manual and procedure documents according to GB/T 19001 (ISO9001) standard file requirements and product structure. The contents of the documents contain all the quality control regulations of the products, and the quality management is strictly in accordance with related terms of GB/T 19001 (ISO9001) .
Photo: ISO quality system certificate
Design documentation: design documentation requirements by engineering company .
World related manufacturing standards:
Centrifugal casting: HG/T 2601-2011、ASTM A608、DIN 10295、JIS G5122...
Static casting: HG/T 3673-2011、ASTM A351...
Inspection content:
Prepare production drawings, technical documents and quality inspection plan for each contract. Provide raw material inspection, production process inspection, finished product inspection, outsourcing parts inspection.
Production, inspection and testing of equipment, facilities meet the requirements of all inspections and tests.
Quality control points:
Each production procedure shall set up stop point at corresponding quality inspection position. And check relevant process product quality; record and identify at each stop point.