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Nov 17, 2016

Inspection and Test Equipment 

1. Spectrometer: BRUKER Q8-Magellan

2. O N H Analyzer: The instrument with rapid and accurate determination of the content of steel, nonferrous metals, ceramics and other inorganic materials in oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, has many technology advantages such as wide detection range, low detection limit, simplified measuring process, single gas carrier, etc.

3. High temperature and endurance testing machine: The test machine is mainly used for measuring the durability of various metals and alloys in high temperature environment (300 ~ 1100℃). This machine has high precision level to provide a constant test force, and realize the automatic operation of the machine through the PLC control system. It is widely used in mechanical metallurgy, defense industry, aerospace, automotive manufacturing, research institutes, tertiary institutions and the relevant quality inspection agencies.

4.Universal testing machine: The machine with computer system and board card digital measuring and controlling system can automatically and accurately measure and control the test parameters of test force, displacement and deformation, it is a kind of multifunction and high precision static testing machine which can be used not only for metal and non metal materials tensile, compression, bending test, but also in the rate control of test force, deformation and constant load and constant deformation tests. With the high temperature atmosphere furnace, high temperature tensile test can be carried out from 300 to 1100℃.

5. Metallographic microscope: The instrument is for all kinds of metal and alloy microstructure observation, evaluation and identification, through the observation on the microstructure of metal materials, the impact to alloy composition, heat treatment process, hot and cold processing technology on Microstructure of the alloy can be rated and analyzed. It has a wide application in the field of quality control, failure analysis, material development, identification and quantification of structural components, grain size and non-metallic inclusion detection, etc.

6. High temperature corrosion test machine: NPA’s self-designed high temperature corrosion test machine for the testing of the carburizing corrosion, oxidation corrosion, flue gas corrosion, dust corrosion test from 300 to 1250℃. It plays an important role in the evaluation of the furnace tube material and the development of new materials.

7. See snake LT1000type cable wheel controller realizes the combined function of laptop and industrial endoscope, the laptop is set to be see snake displayer, make it as powerful as a computer in the display and recording function, digital storage, DVD burner, wireless transmission and online host can be easily achieved via a laptop and LT1000. It is very flexible, easy to review, burn and edit the reports. With full use of the powerful function of laptop, we use HQ See Snake software for review, storage and information exchange.

8. Eddy current flaw detector:ET-551H computer digital multifunctional eddy current instrument adopts the most advanced eddy current technology, digital electronic technology, computer technology design, it is newly upgraded type of eddy current testing equipment. The multi sector and arbitrary polygon alarm region are adopted to meet the requirements of the skin effect of the eddy current field and the alarm region of the different depth defects. It is applicable to flaw detection, thickness measurement and separation for all kinds of metal pipes, rods, wires and other mechanical parts, and other eddy current detection occasions.

9. X ray/radiographic test:The X-ray machine is based on the fully studying of home and abroad relevant technical performance index, combined with the current trend of modern development of IP technology; it is well developed and important equipment for nondestructive testing. This type X ray machine is widely used in machinery, chemical, petroleum, electric power, aviation, boiler, national defense and other industrial sectors, providing with reliable detection methods.