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Furnace roll




HK HT 1.4848 1.4852 24879 MO-RE1 22-H

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Coating furnace roll: used for high-end automobile plate, home appliance board with retreat, galvanized line vertical annealing furnace, under the protection of nitrogen and hydrogen atmosphere, the temperature 750℃ -950℃ furnace, uniform rapid conveyor belt finish annealing process; In the 600-1500mm, furnace roll substrate above, the surface coating to improve the furnace roll surface hardness, furnace roll surface during the use of more stable, greatly reducing the surface scratches, improve the quality of the plate.
 Common coating: LC1C, WC, LCO56, LCO117 and so on.
Product main material: HK, HT, HP, HU, 1.4848, 1.4852, 1.4857, 2.4879, MO - RE1, MO - RE2, 22 - H, SUPER22 - H, CF - 3M etc. Various kinds of alloy steel

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